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Copywriting, Copyediting, and Proofreading

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Development

... for professional websites and other social media platforms, including LinkedIn profile pages. Other content development specialties include online or print marketing collateral, such as brochures, print packaging, press releases, and blogs.  Other content includes resumes and cover letters, menus, calendars, and greeting cards.

Law and Education

Law books, estate planning documents, lease agreements, complaints, memoranda, and Letters of Intent (LOI).

Ph.D. theses, college application essays, self-published books, textbooks, and biographies.

Business and Financial Documentation

Business proposals, business document templates, White Papers, Statements of Work (SOW), Requests for Proposal (RFP), and speech writing.

Mutual fund prospectuses, Statements of Additional Information, and stickers in English and in Spanish.

Other online content or print material includes copyediting for non-native English speakers.

About Kim


What I love about copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading is taking the foundation of grammar rules as the primary basis to communicate a series of thoughts, factual information, instruction, service or product detail, or ideas, as represented in the initial draft. Refining and pairing that copy with a consistent use of the author’s original ‘voice,’ to create a unique brand identity, which speaks clearly and concisely to its intended audience, is the reward for great content development!

With over twenty years’ experience, the varied professions in which I have put my skills to good use include law, banking and finance, information technology, construction materials, publishing, mutual funds and investments, consumer goods and services, and commercial real estate. This comprehensive exposure has afforded me a broad and versatile understanding of required Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry-specific language to include idioms, nuances, terms of art, and abbreviations, when copywriting original content or copyediting existing content. Additional tools of the trade that I refer to include the Associated Press Stylebook, the Chicago Manual of Style, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Thesaurus, the Bluebook, Black's Law Dictionary, and Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms.


Because of the diverse projects I work on, in each respective vertical, my pricing structure is unique to each request. Some projects are smaller in scope, but recurring; other projects are large, but singular. In either case, pricing is competitive and within freelance copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading market standards.

No matter what the project is, my goal is to make sure that it's your voice that communicates your brand to your clients about what is better and different about your product or service, employing necessary grammatical and SEO industry-specific language. 


In My Free Time...

...when I'm not copywriting, copyediting, or proofreading with the proverbial red Sharpie® in my hand, I spend my time with my partner Brad, either downhill skiing at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire or surfing in Newport, Rhode Island.  Other passions include reading (big surprise), cooking, and working out (I'm a huge kettle bell fan).

Professional Affiliations

Editorial Freelancers Association

New York, New York

Member since 2018

Newton/Needham Chamber of Commerce

Needham, Massachusetts

Member since 2018

BNI Keystone

Canton, Massachusetts

Member since 2019

South Shore Synergy

Hanover, Massachusetts

Member since 2018

Friends of the Thomas Crane Public Library

Quincy, Massachusetts

Member since 2017

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Client Testimonials


I had the pleasure of working with Kim for two years at Graphique de France. She was an invaluable adjunct to Editing. She has strong language skills, a flair for writing copy, great accuracy and a clear and judicial eye for editing. She served on one of the most critical committees for our company, the Calendar Grid Review—reviewing data to include on our calendar grids for accuracy and consistency. This is a painstaking project, and Kim was one of the best at spotting errors, inaccuracies, inconsistencies.

I also appointed Kim as a permanent member of the committee to review and edit copy written for new calendars—we have some 30 new titles a year. Not only does she have a strong sense of grammar, punctuation and syntax, Kim has a broad knowledge of the world and can comment perceptively on a wide range of topics.

Kim also reviewed the greetings submitted by freelancers and has an excellent sense of what greetings are appropriate for given images. She was quite valuable in editing marketing and sales copy as well.

Kim is tactful, clear-eyed and proficient in her editing. She deserves the highest acclaim I can give anyone in editing—she leaves no finger prints on text she edits. She improves copy she edits without changing the author’s voice.

Susan Reynolds, Publisher

Trobador Publishing

I have had the pleasure of working with Kim on a continued and part-time basis for the past five years and have found her to be an articulate and consummate professional. Specifically, she performed the task of proofreading many of my legal memorandums before these were eventually finalized and filed in court. The comments, reorganization, and recommendations to these documents that she provided were always of a constructive nature, enabling me to ultimately submit a very high-caliber and effective product.

More recently, however, when I launched a new law firm, Kim was the first person I called to assist my marketing team in the process of writing and proofreading the scripts that were utilized for the firm’s announcements and LinkedIn notifications. Due to her technical skills, she was also responsible for the design and finalization of the new website. I am pleased to report that she has been an important part of our success.

Brad Pinta, Owner
Pinta Law Group, LLC 

Kim has fantastic proof reading capabilities. I hired her to review my legal documents to remove where possible the typical legal jargon to make it easier to understand by someone who didn't go to law school. Her finished products were elegant and easy to read and comprehend. 

Peter Herbst, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

Gorfinkle & Herbst, LLC 

I am grateful for the work Kim has done for me – especially her recent work on my website. The work she has done for me over the years range from very specific revisions to retooling the overall narrative. She always approaches the projects I've given her with the upmost seriousness and commitment to upping the content. Her proofing and editing – whether on my website or other marketing material – is very insightful to keep messaging, grammar, and content organization on task and consistent.  Putting it plainly, she knows her stuff!

Brad Paulson

Senior Graphic Designer 

I hired Kim to make the copy on my website more concise and personalized. She was able to take a twenty-two-page website down to eleven pages. She alleviated a lot of redundancy. I was really pleased with how she personalized my website by using personal/professional photographs to project my philosophy of perseverance and personal skills via life experiences, which is my success.

Dennis J. Calcagno, Esq.

NorthEast Mediation & Arbitration, LLC

Recently, while working on an important business project, I emailed Kim to see if she could review and edit the project which was due in ten days. Although she was booked solid for the two week period she offered to schedule review of my project for Saturday and send me the reviewed document on Monday morning.  True to Kim's commitment, I received the file Monday morning, with all the edits, corrections, suggestions noted in MS word, so it was easy to accept, correct and re-write areas of the document.   Kim's notes were spot-on and clarified confusing sections or improved sentence structure of areas, all which drastically improved the quality and professionalism of my document.   Without a doubt I will be calling Kim when my next project is ready for edit.   As a professional in commercial real estate, I want to be certain all documents produced by my company look, sound and convey quality.  Everyone needs an editor on their team just like a lender, broker, banker, attorney.  

Call Kim and you will be glad you did! 

Barry Familetto, Stetson Management & Development  

Kim Calvi is a consummate professional. She reviewed an extremely complex document for my firm and met all budget, timing and quality expectations. I can highly recommend her to anyone.   

Paul Corrigan, Rosetta Valuations, LLC

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